How Long Does Window Tinting Take

How Long Does Window Tinting Take?

Window tinting can darken the car windows and keep out the rays from the sun. Some people have their windows tinted for these reasons, others privacy, and some just think it looks cool. Many people wonder how long does window tinting takes to complete. There is an average time but to have the window tint done correctly it can take several hours.

A window-tinting job on an average four-door car will take around two and a half hours to complete. If the car is larger or it has more curves then it will take over two hours for the window tinting to be complete. Sports cars can take even longer due to the domed rear windows and coupes also take more time since they are harder to work with when tinting the rear window.

If the car already had tinted windows and they are being replaced this will take even longer. The old tint and any adhesive will need to be completely removed before the new film can be installed. This can take at least two hours if not longer. This will depend on how difficult it is to remove the old tint and any residue that is left behind.

Once the tint is applied to the window it is going to need time to dry. People often forget this is an important part of the installation process. Any moisture will need to dry that may be left on the film. During the summer months since the weather is warmed it will take less time to dry than in the colder temperature. It may take up to two days for the tint to be complexly dry. In the colder months, it may take more than a week for all the moisture to be removed.

There are some different methods for applying the window tint and this will have an impact on the installation time. Some machine cut films are already measured. A person can purchase these films by the type of vehicle they have. While they do save some time they may not always be perfect and there may need to be some adjustments and some trimming performed. There are also the hand-cut tints that are done at the tint shop. The tint will be measured and then cut to be the exact size of the window. This will take some additional time to complete but it will provide a quality tint job that will fit perfectly.

Mobile installation is another option for window tint. While some people think this is easy debris can get between the film and the tint. This may not be a good idea and it will still take several hours to complete the installation.

Window tint installation will take a couple of hours to complete. The exact time is going to vary based on the car make and model and the extract cuts that need to be done. Many people feel for a quality job it is worth the extra time and effort for it to be done correctly.

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