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How to open a closed window

How to open a closed window

Have you ever tried to open a stuck casement window a bunch of times yet unfortunately, you were unsuccessful? Maybe, you even got angry and thought about throwing a rock through it!

Well, I am here to tell you that there are actually quite a few reasons why this casement window is actually stuck so before you try shattering it, why don’t we go ahead and try to identify the problem so that we can come up with a less messy and dangerous way fix the problem, shall we?

First and foremost, we have to make sure we have the right equipment. First, I need to start by giving you a little bit of advice before we start. It is much better to do this when the weather is cool and not so hot. Unfortunately, the humidity can cause swelling in the trim of the window making it more difficult to open.


  • Serrated Blade
  • Hammer
  • Block of Wood
  • Towel
  • Putty Knives
  • Lubricant
  • Sandpaper
  • Varnish
  • Wax Candle

How to open a closed window

Step 1:

First, we are going to use our serrated blade. With this, we want to start by tapping or sawing through any of the dry paint. We want to do this from the gap between the sash and frame. To get into the space we can use the hammer to tap the blades handle. Also, we will do this to the exterior side as well.

Step 2:

Next, we will take the block of wood and wrap our towel around it so that we can hold it against the sash.In order to help get any extra dry paint or remaining debris, we can take our hammer and tap the covered block. This can be continued around all the windows edges.

Step 3:

Along the window stop, we will be repeating the “block and hammer” process so therefore it will bind against the sash and this will prevent it all from moving too much.

Step 4:

Moving over to the opposite side of the hinges, we are going to take the head of our putty knife and place it in the lower section, where you will see the crevice in which will be between the sash and the frame. To pry it open you will GENTLY bend the handle of your putty knife. We will continue to do this same thing all the way up to the top and also along the top and bottom edges because we want to break the seal of all the sticky residue in all these spaces so that you will be able to move stiff hinges more easily. If you need additional leverage, you can use two putty knives.

Step 5:

Next, we will take our lubricant in which can be Lithium grease or even a spray lubricant such as WD-40, and spray the hinges. Make sure to tighten up any loose screws that you might see. If the hinges are heavily rusted, it is suggested that we go ahead and remove them so that we can replace them.

Step 6:

No we are going to lubricate the inner gears but first we have to remove the crank’s cover. Doing so will prevent sticking as they turn.

Step 7:

If there is excess paint, we will sand the sections where the sash and frame meet. When finished with that we will apply a varnish to seal it. To further prevent sticking, rub those sections with wax candle.

How to clean sliding window weep holes

How to clean sliding window weep holes

Sliding windows will be windows mainly intended for those individuals who need an unobstructed perspective outwardly while simultaneously as yet having the assurance and usefulness of a window. These windows are anything but difficult to utilize, and you need to slide them from each other to open or close them. Window cleaning has been as of now a troublesome assignment what more if you are cleaning a sliding window?

This kind of window is only typical for certain cleaners, however, imagine a scenario in which you can’t enlist somebody to do it for you. How would you clean it? Cleaning sliding windows is nearly equivalent to cleaning a conventional window. The main distinction is the way you remove them and clean them. Here are the means that can support you.

How to clean sliding window weep holes

Step 1. Prepare All the Needed Materials

Having all the materials promptly available can spare time and exertion. You won’t burn through whenever getting the materials in all aspects of the house.

Step 2. Remove The Windows

You can, without much of a stretch, remove the windows by sliding it open past the lift squares and afterward setting your hands on either side of the window and lifting it out of its track. You would then be able to remove the window towards you. Do likewise with the other window and place them in a sheltered territory.

Step 3. Proceed With The Washing

Wash them utilizing a window cleaning arrangement and a non-build up the fabric. Make a point to completely clean the glass and remove any stains that you will discover. Start from the upper left corner of your window glass and proceed to descend utilizing movement for cleaning the window.

You then utilize a dry, non-build up material or those absorbable fabric utilized in cleaning vehicles to dry your window. Remember likewise to clean the track where the window is and the zone around it.

Step 4. Place Your Windows Back

After the cleaning and drying are done, you have to assemble them back. Set your windows back after an opposite request of how you removed them. You have to ensure that the sliding windows are reinstalled safely, and there will be no odds of them being accidentally removed.

Sliding windows can be lifted to varying degrees in their path. If you are using a ventilation site, it is best to put something in the path to prevent the window from lifting. Small blocks of wood, plastic, or just a screw can be used. If installed properly, it can make the window safer, especially when locking the window in the open position.

Many new sliding windows have primary locking latches already installed. Some allow the window to be closed slightly for ventilation. If your home has these window locks, they are usually safe enough to keep your insurance company happy. If your home only has a simple, non-lockable latch, you should secure it with a sliding window weep holes to lock or a window grille.

From the outset, you will make some hard memories evacuating and putting the windows back in place. You have to figure out how to chip away at them, which later on can be more straightforward. Cleaning these sorts of windows isn’t that simple, especially in the event that you are doing only it. You have to build up specific abilities to have the option to consummately complete the cleaning.

How Long Does Window Tinting Take

How Long Does Window Tinting Take?

Window tinting can darken the car windows and keep out the rays from the sun. Some people have their windows tinted for these reasons, others privacy, and some just think it looks cool. Many people wonder how long does window tinting takes to complete. There is an average time but to have the window tint done correctly it can take several hours.

A window-tinting job on an average four-door car will take around two and a half hours to complete. If the car is larger or it has more curves then it will take over two hours for the window tinting to be complete. Sports cars can take even longer due to the domed rear windows and coupes also take more time since they are harder to work with when tinting the rear window.

If the car already had tinted windows and they are being replaced this will take even longer. The old tint and any adhesive will need to be completely removed before the new film can be installed. This can take at least two hours if not longer. This will depend on how difficult it is to remove the old tint and any residue that is left behind.

Once the tint is applied to the window it is going to need time to dry. People often forget this is an important part of the installation process. Any moisture will need to dry that may be left on the film. During the summer months since the weather is warmed it will take less time to dry than in the colder temperature. It may take up to two days for the tint to be complexly dry. In the colder months, it may take more than a week for all the moisture to be removed.

There are some different methods for applying the window tint and this will have an impact on the installation time. Some machine cut films are already measured. A person can purchase these films by the type of vehicle they have. While they do save some time they may not always be perfect and there may need to be some adjustments and some trimming performed. There are also the hand-cut tints that are done at the tint shop. The tint will be measured and then cut to be the exact size of the window. This will take some additional time to complete but it will provide a quality tint job that will fit perfectly.

Mobile installation is another option for window tint. While some people think this is easy debris can get between the film and the tint. This may not be a good idea and it will still take several hours to complete the installation.

Window tint installation will take a couple of hours to complete. The exact time is going to vary based on the car make and model and the extract cuts that need to be done. Many people feel for a quality job it is worth the extra time and effort for it to be done correctly.

how to break a car window

how to break a car window

Each time one enters a car to drive somewhere, they are taking a chance that they might be in a mishap. It’s the same as not knowing when you’re going to get a flat tire, or your battery is going to pass away, and you won’t be able to start the vehicle. It is wise for a car owner to have jumper cable TV and a spare tire, though precisely what would also be a device one would wish they wouldn’t need to make use of could be the car hammer. One will undoubtedly be happy, they have it, when, and if they require it.

How serious a mishap has differed from accident to accident. However, there are mishaps where doors won’t open, and seat belts are jammed and not able to unbuckle. In these cases, a car window breaker is an excellent device to have because you can break out windows to obtain out of the vehicle and to safety, and it can cut seat belts off that are not able to be unbuckled. The auto emergency tool is easy to store as it is small and lightweight. One can store the auto window breaker in the glove compartment (not recommended), is among the compartments on the side of the door, or in the console between the front seats (highly advised). It is essential to familiarize yourself with the device, so if you ever need to use it in a mishap, you will certainly need to understand how the device works. You never expect to use it. However, it is better to have it and not use it than not to have it and need it.

How can such a tiny device break windows and cut through seat belts? Electric windows do not work as soon as the vehicle is shut off, so when a car is being immersed in water or is burning, the life hammer can rescue not only one but several lives by cutting off seat belts and breaking the window to leave. The device has a hammer that you break the side window or windows with, and there is a blade on the opposite end of the hammer in which you cut the seat belt.

The auto window breaker is more than a piece of equipment that helps to break the glass. Also, it is a fantastic accessory can be quite helpful in handling typical issues occurring after a mishap such as getting individuals free from stuck safety belt, which is ironic for something made to conserve lives, can cost a life too. However, with the razor blade attached, this is not a concern.

Every vehicle on the road ought to be equipped with this device. Not just can it be utilized to save your life or of your loved ones, it can also help in rescuing others in similar scenarios. With such a life-saving device in your vehicle, you are always prepared to help anybody in need.

The car window breaker is developed to be an essential life-saving survival kit. It has two hardened steel points with a recessed blade and let loose quickly from its holder when required. Get one for each of your vehicles and others for your loved ones and house. When you face trouble, a little protection can help you go free.

Automobile owners will certainly never be sorry for buying a car window breaker, even if they do not use it. The device is smart and low-cost to buy. Automobile owners will undoubtedly be happy they made this investment.

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